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8 800-200-54-34 Toll-free calls within Russia
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8 800-200-54-34 Toll-free calls within Russia
+7 (495) 789-88-77 International calls

Remote banking services

Rosbank offers a following remote banking service:
The “Internet-Bank” system allows to access your banking accounts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and from all over the world, just by using your PC or Notebook connected to Internet! To use it, you don’t need to install on your computer any special programs. You can confirm the operation through SMS-passwords.
Through the “Internet-Bank” system you can make following operations:

  • to open deposits;
  • to get information about your accounts, deposits and loans;
  • to make on-line utility&mobile payments*;
  • to carry out external/internal operations in national and foreign currencies;
  • to carry out operations under the deposit’s accounts, loan repayments;
  • to make currency exchange;
  • to get duplicates of payment orders;
  • to block/unblock your cards;
  • to fill in the on-line application for issuing/reissuing of the cards;
  • to have an access to the “Mobile Client-Bank” system and to change options of the system;
  • to change options of the “Internet-Bank” system.

Information about all options of the “Internet-Bank” system you can find in full version of the “User Manual”.

The “Mobile Client-Bank” system is newest service for individual clients in the mobile banking area. You can control your charges and make payments through your mobile phone.

The “Mobile Client-Bank” system allows to execute the following options:

automatic options give the information about:

  • changes of the available account balance;
  • card transactions;

options through request-message sent to the Bank allow to receive the information about:

  • last five operations made on the account (account statement);
  • available account balance and available balance of all accounts,you can use through the “Mobile Client-Bank” system;
  • your three last loans;
  • rates established by the Central Bank of Russia
  • other operations

options available through special Mobile application:

  • to make on-line utility&mobile payments*;
  • to carry out interbranch transfers between client’s accounts in the same currency;
  • to make transfers between client’s cards in the Russian rubles;
  • to carry out transfers in the Russian rubles using the template of the request (you can visit any outlet of the Bank to create the template of a request, or you can use the “Internet-Bank” system for it);
  • to make currency exchange, and also to receive the information about non-cash converting rates established by Bank;
  • to block/unblock your cards and Identifications card;
  • to receive the information about five last card transactions (statement of card)
  • other operations.

The “Phone Bank” system offers the customers to get information about accounts, deposits, loans via self-service mode or Call-center.

The “Phone Bank” system allows executing the following options:

  • to receive the information about changing the available balance of your accounts and card transactions;
  • to get a statement of accounts and cards by e-mail;
  • to get information about deposits and loans;
  • to block/unblock your card and Identifications card;
  • disconnection the “Phone Bank” system
  • other operations.

You may connect to the “Phone Bank” system by the telephones:
+7 (495) 789 88 77
8 (800) 200 54 34 (other regions)
after connection press "1" in a tone mode

To have an access to the “Internet-Bank”, “Mobile Client-Bank”, “Phone Bank” systems all you need is:
Step 1. to visit any outlet of the Bank
Step 2. to sign the application form for connection to the remote banking service

The detailed information about remote banking service tariffs’ may be found in the “Tariffs” for individual clients in accordance with the service region.

* the list of providers for online payments through the Internet-Bank system.