Today we enjoy being a part of Societe Generale Group – a leading European universal bank with 150 years of activity and demonstrating the ability to grow, resist to challenges and adjust successfully all these years.

In all the countries of Societe Generale world we strongly focus on satisfying our clients and take our stand on a solid company culture included in team spirit, innovation, commitment and responsibility.  

(Chairman of the Board of Rosbank)

Three strategic priorities to reach as a Group by 2017 are

  • further improvement of client service and maintenance of leadership in innovation
  • capturing growth through business development and increased synergies
  • delivery of sustainable profitability

Financial world around us is developing rapidly. It leaves us no choice but to keep pace with it. To stay afloat is not enough – we have to grasp leading positions in the market and clients’ attention by all means. To do that we have to not only to meet challenges, but also to foresee them and always be one step ahead of our competitors. This is an enormous task. It takes a lot of dedication and engagement from each and every one of us. But there is nothing we cannot do together!

To successfully implement the Group’s strategy and establish our leading position in Russia we must focus on:

  • increase of lending efficiency and push daily banking for retail clients of Societe Generale Group in Russia
  • organic risk-improving growth in corporate business
  • increase of network efficiency and governance


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