We will diligently work to build relationships of trust with our clients and make our bank convenient for them

In Retail business Rosbank will focus on

  • building transactional bank with cost-efficient service model
  • increase number of active clients to more than 2.7 mn
  • developing synergy between Societe Generale units in Russia and enhancing cross-sale to Rusfinance and DeltaCredit clients
  • developing remote channels and moving customers actively
  • introducing cost-efficient branch formats

To enhance the integration of Societe Generale banks in Russia Rosbank will focus on daily banking (current accounts, including overdrafts, credit repayments, transfers and payments, currency exchange, etc.), while Rusfinance Bank and DeltaCredit will act as centers of competence for collateralized lending

In Corporate business Rosbank aims at

  • organic growth of the current profitable business in Top Corporate segment (400 largest Russian companies)
  • unified coverage in serving Top Corporate clients together with Societe Generale Corporate Investment Banking division (SG CIB)
  • more active work with Large and Mid-Cap business with targeted growth of clients in these segments by 30%
  • further development of transaction services including trade finance in regions with total volume increase up to RUB 100 bn


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