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Account management, payments and transfers, opening of deposits and repayment of loans, information on bills and cards. For registration, you need a bank card and a mobile phone.
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The system allows you to independently monitor the status of your accounts in real time, make payments and use other banking products.


Systemically important bank
National Banking Award
“Financial sphere” Award
The Bank of Russia included Rosbank in the list of 11 systemically important banks (SIBs)
Rosbank is in TOP-3 most reliable banks according to Russian Forbes magazine (2019)
Rosbank is named “Bank of the Year” by Information Portal (February, 2018)
Rosbank is awarded the National Banking Award of the Russian Banks Association (2016, 2017)
Rosbank has received the highest score for the quality of services in Russia by Global Custodian (2017)
The Best Sub-Custodian of the Year by Global Finance and Global Investor (Euromoney) (2017)
Rosbank L'Hermitage Private Banking is the silver prize-winner of the all-Russian competition "Financial sphere" in the nomination "Russian Private" (March, 2018)
Winner of Digital Communications Awards-2018 in two nominations “Digital-media & tools” and “Digital-projects & strategies” (February, 2018)

Forbes Rating: in TOP-3 of most reliable Russian banks

Rosbank is in TOP-3 most reliable Russian banks according to Forbes

Forbes: 1st place in the rating of banks' reliability

Rosbank is the most reliable bank according to Forbes

Bank of the Year

Rosbank is named “Bank of the Year” for the best PR-company of 2017 by Information Portal (February, 2018)

“Financial sphere” Award

Rosbank L’Hermitage Private Banking became a silver prize winner in the nomination “Russian Private”

Digital Communications Awards

Rosbank became a winner in two nominations - “Digital-media & tools” and “Digital-projects & strategies” (February, 2018)

“Financial sphere” Award

Rosbank became a silver prize winner in the nomination “Bank work with branch media”

Newsbreak of the Year – 2017

Press-service of Rosbank was recognized the best in 2017 for covering “Robot-artist” project

Forbes: 3rd place in the rating of banks' reliability

Rosbank is included in Top-3 most reliable banks according to Forbes

Global Custodian study

The Depository of Rosbank received the highest rating Global Outperformer and Market Outperformer in the Agent Banks in Emerging Markets Survey for 2016

Digital Communications AWARD-2017

Laureate in the nomination "Digital Projects and Strategies. External Communications" and "Digital Media and Tools. Viral Video"

Financial Sphere Award

2nd place in the nomination "Interaction with Industry Media"

Frank RG Banking Loyalty Award

Winner of the award according to the study "Banking Loyalty Programs 2016"

National Banking Award

Winner of the National Banking Award in the nomination "Socially Responsible Bank"

The Banker Awards 2016

In the ranking of 1000 largest banks in the world according to The Banker, Financial Times, July 2016, Rosbank was the third bank in Russia in terms of capital adequacy ratio (with a ratio of 11.24%). In terms of assets, we took 10th place in Russia having 13.875 billion dollars in assets.

Global Investor / ISF

Depository of Rosbank (Societe Generale Securities Services Russia) is the “Best Sub-Custodian in Russia".

Forbes: 7th place in the rating of banks' reliability

Rosbank is one of the most reliable banks according to Forbes.

Frank RG Private Banking Rating: TOP-5 banks in the field of Private Banking

Rosbank entered top-5 banks in the field of Private Banking according to Frank Research Group.

Banking Sphere Award

Winner of the "Banking Sphere" award in the nomination "Social Project".

Brand Finance: TOP-10 of the most expensive banking brands

Rosbank took first place in Russia in the list of the most expensive brands among financial institutions with participation of foreign capital according to Brand Finance.

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