“1000 free tickets” for any journey

    16 May

Rosbank launched “1000 free tickets” campaign in a collaboration with Mastercard and Federal Passenger Company of Russian Railways (RZD). 125 bonuses of 10000 points will be disposed every month till the end of 2018. These points can be changed for the railway tickets within RZD Bonus program.

To become the participant of the special offer, a person needs to make at least one purchase of 100 rubles or more by Rosbank RZD card. The more you buy, the more chances to win you have. Both acting and new cardholders of Rosbank RZD cards of any category can participate in the campaign.

Apart from the chance to win tickets, the customers who opened one of Rosbank RZD cards get the opportunity to constantly save points for any purchases that were paid by the card in order to exchange it for railway tickets.

Lidiya Kashirina

Deputy Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank

“RZD Bonus” cards have become extremely popular in a year since they were implemented in Rosbank. We see the great interest to the product, that is why we elaborated the mechanism of the campaign the way that all the customers who use Russian Railways could take part in it. Thanks to this initiative, 1000 winners will get a tangible number of points to exchange them for tickets, and other participants will fully appreciate the convenience and benefits of using Rosbank RZD cards to pay for purchases and consequent point exchange for the tickets.

You can find out more following the link.