6 rules of financial security

    31 December

Rosbank wishes you a Happy New Year and wants to remind you of six simple rules that will allow your finances to remain safe not only during the holidays, but throughout the whole year!

  1. Do not disclose the codes from SMS to anyone, they are only for you;
  2. A code word is required only if you call the bank yourself;
  3. Do not tell anyone the full details of your accounts and cards, including information on the back of the card;
  4. The bank never asks you to transfer money to another account for security purposes! If you are offered to do this, end the conversation and call the bank yourself;
  5. Personal data – only for a personal call to the bank. Bank employees do not ask for “clarifications” and “details” on accounts, transactions, products and name;
  6. Bank employees never ask to install additional remote access programs on your phone or computer.

Please be careful and warn your loved ones.