A traditional action of Societe Generale Group "Blossoming City" was held in the MSU Botanic Garden

    12 September

On September 9, Rosbank, Rusfinance Bank, DeltaCredit, ALD Automotive and Societe Generale Insurance employees participated in setting in plants in the Botanic Garden of the Moscow State University "The Apothecaries’ Garden", as part of the fifth, anniversary action "Blossoming City". This year the participants planted a shrub mixborder with a length of more than 100 meters - a complex multilayered planter consisting of 280 plants: barberry, spiraea, arrow-wood, five-finger, dogwood and others. Most of these varieties appeared in The Apothecaries’ Garden for the first time. Approximately 500 employees of Societe Generale Group companies in Russia took part in the planting of the mixborder.

In addition, participants helped the gardeners of The Apothecaries’ Garden to plant a colorful necklace of chrysanthemums along the Mirror Channel and thereby prepare for the opening of the annual flower, harvest and art festival "Colors of Autumn".

Participants of "Blossoming City" action also learned how to select plants so that they could continuously blossom from early spring to late autumn, and join a sightseeing tour presenting the history and collections of the garden.

It was not the first successful joint project that SG Russia companies and the oldest botanical garden in Russia managed to realize together. In May 2016 (the year of the 310th garden anniversary), the Group's employees planted a 150-meter hydrangea promenade along the garden's exhibition field.

"The northern boundary of the garden remained unfinished in the landscape dimension for many years. To be honest, we just could not get round it. Now, thanks to the sponsorship of SG Russia companies, there will be almost no "white spots" in the garden and a large new exposition will appear. We would be making it on our own for years!" - said The Apothecaries’ Garden Director Alexei Reteyum.

"Moscow needs open urban spaces, where citizens and visitors of the capital could come into contact with nature. The Apothecaries’ Garden is the lungs of Moscow that supply the whole center of the city with oxygen. The Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University is not so big, but it is very diverse and allows you to enjoy nature in its full splendor. For the employees of SG Russia companies, the action "Blossoming city" is not only an opportunity to contribute to the decoration of one of the most popular vacation spots in the capital, but also an excellent occasion to get together, as we are one big team ", - Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin concluded.