According to the results of 2017, Rosbank showed growth in all the business directions in Tatarstan

    15 February

In 2017 loan document portfolio of large corporate clients of Rosbank in Tatarstan Republic exceeded the rates of 2016 by 32% and amounted 6,6 billion rubles. Loan portfolio of small and middle business companies increased in 2 times. Deposit portfolio of private clients increased by 65%, reaching 894 million rubles. Retail loan portfolio increased by 36%, reaching 2,7 billion rubles.

The year of 2017 for Rosbank in Tatarstan Republic ended with the rate growth in all the business lines. Thus loan document portfolio of large corporate clients for the beginning of 2018 amounted 6,6 million rubles, which is 1,6 billion rubles more than the rate for the beginning of 2017. The growth is caused by the recovery of manufacturing in the region, the strengthening of interest of companies in the investments and long-term lending for capital costs financing. More than that, in 2017 Rosbank significantly improved the partnership conditions for large companies both in lending and in documentary products. Now the companies of oil and gas, chemical, food, light, energetic and trade industry and innovational developments are represented in the corporate portfolio of Rosbank in Tatarstan. The bank attracted more than 30 new large corporate clients during the year.

In 2017 rates of Rosbank retail business significantly increased in the region. This way, deposit portfolio of Tatarstan residents increased by 65% in comparison with 2016 and amounted 894 million rubles. The most popular deposit remains to be “150 years of reliability”. Balances on saving accounts exceeded 626 million rubles that is more than 2 times more than the rates of the beginning of 2017. Retail loan portfolio increased on 36% and amounted 2,68 billion rubles. The most popular loan among Tatarstan residents was “Just unsecured money”.

In 2017 8900 residents of Tatarstan Republic became new clients of Rosbank. That is how retail client base grew. Total number of individual clients is 32,900 people.

An active growth of lending for small and middle business companies continues in Tatarstan Republic. A loan portfolio of the bank clients of those categories increased in 2 times and amounted 84 million rubles. Liabilities portfolio of small and middle business increased by 42% and reached 506 million rubles. During the year the bank attracted more than 300 small business companies for service. At the beginning of 2018 more than 940 clients of this category choose Rosbank as a financial partner.

In 2017 VIP service direction actively developed in Tatarstan Republic. Deposit portfolio increased by 9% and amounted 531 million rubles. The amount of money on the current accounts of wealthy bank clients increased in 2,8 times in the region. Total amount of money is 805 million rubles. According to the results of 2017, total volume of loan portfolio of this category of clients is 25 million rubles, total volume of investment portfolio is 133 million rubles. The work with wealthy clients in 2017 was based on the offer of individual financial solutions and maximum diversification of client portfolios on the instrument scope.

“Tatarstan Republic is traditionally one of the strategically important presence regions for the companies of Societe Generale Group and for Rosbank in particular. Last year we did our best to support and develop the economy of the region and to improve its investment attractiveness. In September 2017 Rosbank and Tatarstan Republic signed a partnership agreement and held several meetings with the representatives of large industrial companies of Tatarstan and foreign businesses to reach this goal. The forming of the new opportunities for small business is also in the focus of our attention. Last October we signed an agreement with Warranty fund RT. The main aim of the document is to give access to small businesses with the lack of bid security to loan resources of Rosbank. In 2018 we forecast further recovery of the market of consumer lending, provided by the increase of salaries and consumption growth and further lowering of interest rates that will continue to boost lending without a significant growth of loan burden”, Ruslan Yulbarisov, Director of territorial office of Rosbank in Kazan.