ACRA affirmed the highest credit rating of Rosbank

    26 April

Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) affirmed the highest credit rating of Rosbank on the level of AAA (RU) by raising a standalone credit assessment of the bank up to aa+ due to the improvement of the rates within the capital adequacy factor. The forecast for the rating is “stable”, that presupposes the fact that the rating will be unchanged in the near 12-18 months with a high degree of probability. At the moment, in order to enhance synergy inside Rosbank Group, including the increase in cross sales to the customers of the banks of the Group and the optimization of business processes, the merger of JSC CB DeltaCredit to Rosbank is carried out, that is planned to be finalized in Q2 2019.

Rosbank credit rating can be explained by a very high probability of support rendering by a mother bank with a high level of lending capacity. In the agency opinion, in case of necessity, Societe Generale Group is ready to give both short-term and long-term financing  and to carry out capital infusions. Moreover, according to the claim of the agency, Rosbank has a strong business profile, an adequate risk-profile assessment, a strong position in liquidity and a balanced funding portfolio.

ACRA also affirmed the rating of the emissions of BO-002R-04 bonds (RU000A100220), maturity date – 31.01.2022, emission volume-10 000 000 000 rubles; BO-002R-02 bonds (RU000A0JXUH0), maturity date – 30.06.2020, emission volume – 2 816 431 000 rubles, and BO-0023R-03 bonds (RU000A0ZYH44), maturity date – 02.12.2022, emission volume – 3 000 000 000 rubles, on the level of AAA (RU).

You can find the full list of assessment parameters on  ACRA website: 

Rosbank is a universal bank that occupies the leading position in the volume of assets and capital  in Russian banking sector (enters top-10 of the largest banking groups in the amount of capital) and it is represented in all the federal districts of the Russian Federation. Rosbank is included in the list of 11 systematically significant credit organizations by the Bank of Russia. It also enters top-3 of the rating of reliable Russian by Forbes magazine in 2019. The bank has the highest credit rating of RAEX (Expert RA) on the level of ruAAA.

On April 24, the highest credit rating of AAA(RU) level was assigned to the other banks of Rosbank Group.