Cards like to be counted: Rosbank introduced Mastercard Smart Data, a comprehensive solution for managing business cards

    20 April

Rosbank and Mastercard expand the range of digital products for the corporate segment and introduce a new service for legal entities, Mastercard Smart Data, a comprehensive analytical solution. The service is relevant for clients who either posesses or plans to emboss a portfolio of corporate cards for employees. It automates the process of managing expenses on corporate cards, conducts system analysis and gives convenient reporting.

Rosbank is among the first banks in Russia to combine reporting on corporate card transactions with Mastercard Smart Data technologically. Thanks to this, the new service for the bank clients imports transactional data on the corporate card portfolio into more than 50 different electronic enterprise resource management systems, which provides even more complete information for decision-making.

"In a rapidly changing external environment, digital products with easy navigation, analytics, and the ability to integrate with the company's ERP system are in high demand today for managing data sets. The Mastercard Smart Data service from Rosbank is an up-to-date solution for the Russian market that optimizes the reporting and management of the corporate card pool. The service has proven its efficiency in the work of international companies and will certainly become an extra competitive advantage for our clients, " commented Alexey Yasakov, Director of the CMIB Digital Solutions Center at Rosbank.

"Mastercard provides a number of convenient and practical solutions for such areas of the bank work as interaction with corporate clients and management of business and corporate cards. For the bank, the introduction of such a comprehensive cost management solution as Mastercard Smart Data means a new level of service quality for companies. Smart Data enables direct integration with corporate ERP systems, such as Concur, SAP, and others, and it optimizes the process of data swelling and reconciliation. It creates convenient analytics about service providers and generates comprehensive reports on card users ' expenses," said Jemal Agrba, Director of Commercial Product Development at Mastercard in Russia.

More information about Smart Data is available here. Companies can also use the service by contacting their client manager in Rosbank.