COVID 19 specific set up

    26 March

Rosbank organisational measures

Rosbank operates in regular mode. We are closely monitoring the epidemic evolution of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and implementing all necessary organizational and precautious measures to ensure business continuity in interest of clients, partners and employees.1

In connection with COVID-19, the bank organized a Crisis cell led by CEO, which works in close collaboration with Societe Generale Crisis group. For critical functions of the bank, a business continuity process system is put in place, based on the teams split localized in different buildings or working remotely at home.

Our remote access meets all security requirements and the channel capacity is sufficient. Significant part of employees who can perform their work remotely are transferred to the remote mode of operation as and when required.

Rosbank solutions for individual clients

Under the current conditions, Rosbank stresses that a non-cash form of payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay and via distance channels, including Internet bank and Rosbank mobile application, remain the fastest and safest form of payment.

Our clients can take advantage of the mobile application to receive services and perform a wide range of daily financial transactions including payment for mobile services, utilities, taxes, fines and for currency exchange without visiting bank branches. ROSBANK Online is in 5 (IOS) and 7 (Android) most convenient mobile bank apps according to Markswebb. Detailed information about Rosbank services available via mobile application can be found on our “Rosbank is nearby” page. Client also can get all necessary information by phone 8 800 200 54 34.

We understand that our clients can face difficult financial situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus and we seek to consider such clients’ applications promptly and to find best customized solutions.

Rosbank solutions for employees of corporate clients

It is extremely important for us not to limit our corporate clients in their ability of transferring their employees to a remote mode of operation using the Internet-Client Bank and the Rosbank Business mobile application. We recommend installing the Rosbank Business app on your mobile device as an additional and convenient tool for solving everyday tasks. The mobile application is equally accessible on the mobile device both from the office and from home without any technical restrictions.

All systems and remote channels for corporate clients will continue to operate in a regular mode. For a comfortable transition to the "out of office" mode of operation, we have prepared instructions that will help you quickly switch to the mode that the situation may require. We pay special attention to the continuity of your work and the security of your funds. Switching to remote work does not reduce transaction security and does not increase the risks of fraudulent activities. Your financial transactions through digital channels are still under your control and reliable protection.

Our team is always in touch, the support service is strengthened and well-instructed. For all issues related to the work of remote services, you, as before, can contact us by phone 8-800-770-75-00 or by e-mail

Rosbank Group financial solidity

The bank maintains significant levels of capital adequacy and liquidity, in particular as of 01.01.2020:

  • capital adequacy ratio H20.0, taking into account the effect of the changes introduced to the  calculation in 2020, is 14.2% (excess over the required level, taking into account surcharges 2.7 percentage points)
  • short-term liquidity ratio N26 is 145% (an excess over the required level by 45 percentage points)

By using efficient risk management, the bank aims at minimizing the impact of external shocks, in particular:

  • a low level of open foreign exchange position is kept (the ratio of open foreign exchange position to capital is not exceed 3.5%);
  • 98% of the bank’s security portfolio consists of low-risk bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Rosbank has been assigned highest credit ratings by National rating agencies ACRA AAA (RU) and RAEX (Expert RA) ruAAA. The Bank has also country ceiling ratings by international rating agencies Fitch Ratings (BBB) and Moody’s Investors Service (Baa3).

Rosbank for the third year in a row is consistently ranked in the Top-3 most reliable banks in Russia by Forbes.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions at this link.


1 sanitary measures; cancellation of national business trips or limitation of their number; cancellation of all international business trips; remote work if possible, strict limitation of physical meetings, converting into conference calls or video conferences if necessary; cancellation of classroom-based trainings.