Daler Okhunov was appointed Director of territorial office “Podmoskovny”

    11 April

The main strategic goal for the new Director is to strengthen Rosbank retail business positions in the region. Daler will focus on the realization of the new Societe Generale Group strategy for Russia in Moscow Region, namely on the further development of a diversified business model, increase of service quality and increase of the bank profitability in the region. He will also have to actively expand client base, to raise the volume of loan granting to retail clients and the team perfection.

Territorial office of Rosbank in Moscow Region is represented by 16 outlets located in Dubna, Zheleznodorozhny, Kolomna, Korolyov, Krasnogorsk, Mytischi, Odintsovo, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Ramenskoye, Schyolkovo, Domodedovo, Zelenograd, Noginsk, Kotelniki and in the Moscow district of Butovo.



Daler Okhunov graduated from Moscow University of Finance and Law with a degree in Law. Daler started his career in Societe Generale Group in Russia in 2012 on the position of Mortgage Lending Specialist of JSC “CB DeltaCredit”. For 6 years he has worked his way from Specialist to Head of Division. Since April 2018 he was appointed Director of territorial office “Podmoskovny” of Rosbank.