Dmitry Olyunin gave lecture to students of three leading universities

    16 January

Chairman of the board of Rosbank Dmitry Olyunin gave three lectures to students-economists from Moscow State University, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics on a topic "New technologies and innovations in the bank sphere: challenges and opportunities".

Lectures were devoted to problems of innovations development in the bank sphere which are not only connected with the increasing interest in new banking products and technologies, but also show new challenges to bank community.

Dmitry Olyunin noted that the active technological development and changes of customers' expectations led to the development of essentially new business models (digital marketplaces, blockchain, online banks, etc.), the explosive growth of number of financial technical projects, forming of complex ecosystems' digital economy by business giant around consumers. In this regard, banks more and more involved by non-bank institutions in fight for the client, either should be concentrated only on development of traditional banking services and to yield the pas in the market of innovative financial products, or to join actively in search of the revolutionary business ideas.

Answering students and professors' questions, Dmitry Olyunin shared his view on the problems in the field of financing of SME and spoke about the innovations realized by Rosbank and its main competitors. Dmitry Olyunin also commented on a question, which is essential for students - about the main requirements of employers to applicants seeking vacant positions in banks. He noted that in any modern bank those university graduates will be in-demand who possess besides knowledge of economy, finance and banking, skills of working with information databases, competence in the field of marketing, sociology and risk management.