Elena Khorkina headed Retail Risk Department of Rosbank

    07 August

Elena Khorkina was appointed Director of Retail Risk Department of Rosbank. She will be responsible for the risk policy, retail credit portfolio management, the development of decision-making system and data risk platform as well as for the execution of verification function in all the bank processes. The establishment and development of integration in retail risks of Societe Generale Group in Russia will be one of the prior activities for Elena. It will be done to reach a more efficient partner interaction with retail business.


Elena Khorkina has been working in banking for more than 20 years, including 10 years in retail business and 7 years in retail risks. Elena has a deep professional expertise in both directions. Elena started her professional career in banking in 1998 in International Moscow Bank and worked her way from Specialist to Head of Individual Lending Center, she specialized in development and sales of lending products. She continued her career in the Bank of Moscow and Moscow Credit Bank working in her profiling activities. In 2007, Elena came to BSGV and joined Risk team of Rosbank in 2011.