Mortgage without borders: Rosbank executed a fully online deal with a client from Singapore

    30 June

Rosbank expands its opportunities of remote mortgage lending: Rosbank Dom branch conducted an online mortgage deal with a client who resides in South-Eastern Asia.

Loan granting for a real estate under contruction in Russia was completely remote, without any visit of the borrower to the office or a bank representative to a client.

“From 2018 me and my family live and work in Singapore. We already had a positive interaction experience with “Rosbank Dom”, so we decide to execute an online deal for remote purchase of a flat in a new building in Russia. We had doubts about the possibility of a fully remote document execution, but the bank representatives specified the details and solved all the issues. A very small period of time passed in between the moment of flat booking till the signing of mortgage agreement. And it was in the wake of self-isolation and non-working days”, noted Anna A., the deal counterpart, a client of “Rosbank Dom”.

"Implementing an agreement with a client living abroad in an online format is a unique user experience that allows you to take a fresh look at such a complex product as a mortgage. We are consistently increasing our expertise in remote transactions and are considering scaling this format for other products, including in the secondary housing segment." commented Denis Kovalev, Head of “Rosbank Dom”.

Earlier, Rosbank conducted one of the first online mortgage deals in Russia, and also offered clients a service for making such a deal with a home visit.