Net profit of Rosbank Group amounted to 11,8 billion rub in 2018 according to IFRS

    20 March

“We finished 2018 with good results. Net profit of Rosbank Group1 increased by 14% compared with 2017. National rating agencies ACRA and RAEX confirmed the highest credit ratings of the bank. We continue focusing on digital solutions development, processes optimization and customer service improvement. The share of retail customers using our mobile bank increased by 17% in 2018, and we are striving to increase this figure further in 2019. The Group is also actively cooperating with the Bank of Russia on the implementation of new technological initiatives that will help bring customer service to a new level. An important event for us this year will be the merger with the subsidiary mortgage bank DeltaCredit announced in September and providing its customers with access to all the infrastructure and banking products of Rosbank”, - Ilya Polyakov, Rosbank CEO, commented on the financial results.

Financial results

Net profit of Rosbank Group in 2018 increased by 14% compared to 2017, while the growth in the second half of 2018 compared to the first half amounted to 20%.

This result, in particular, is explained by the increase in net operating income from the Group's banking activities by 17% in 2018 compared to 2017, and by 32% in the second half of 2018 relative to the first half of 2018. The increase in interest income by 9% and commission income (in particular, due to an increase in commission reimbursement from insurance companies) by 24% compared to the previous year made the greatest contribution to the improvement of the annual indicator.

Operating expenses of the Group show a moderate growth of 4% in 2018 compared to the previous year in accordance with the level of inflation in the Russian Federation.

Main achievements in the retail business

In 2018, the volume of retail loans issued by the Group (Rosbank, DeltaCredit Bank, Rusfinance Bank and their subsidiaries) increased by 23% compared with 2017.

The main drivers of sales in 2018 were consumer loans and mortgages (+ 35% and + 27% compared with the results of 2017 respectively). The growth of car loan sales reached 6%. At the same time, the increase in the issuance of POS loans reached 22%, which is significantly ahead of the market (growth in the market + 4.9%).

In car loans, the Group remains one of the leaders, entering the TOP-3 with a 12% market share. In the mortgage segment, the Group continues to hold its positions with a market share of 2.9%.

Rosbank achieved the growth rate of current and savings accounts of retail customers almost 2 times faster than the market (+ 45% in 2018) due to the growth in the number of active customers in the premium and salary segments.

The Group continued to improve products and services for retail customers and small business. In particular, Rosbank offered its customers a new loyalty program “#MozhnoVSE”, which allows to choose the type and category of bonuses received for using the card, and also developed a special offer for premium customers, which made it possible to increase the customer base by 57%.

Rosbank also actively developed its digital products and services:

  • New services in the mobile application and the Internet Bank of Rosbank - “Cash Loan Online” for payroll clients (the whole process of issuing a loan takes no more than 15 minutes);
  • Automated investment service “SmartInvest”, which helps the client to select investment assets, predicts the expected profitability and fully manages the investment portfolio;
  • Faster Payments System - a service that allows transferring money to customers of other banks by phone number. During the first 20 days of the system, customers made more than 2500 transactions;
  • Biometry - since July 1, 2018, anyone can submit their biometric data for free in 107 offices of Rosbank located in 70 regions of the Russian Federation. By the end of the year, the bank will comply with the requirements of the Bank of Russia for providing services in 100% of branches in all regions where the bank operates.

Main achievements in corporate business

According to the results of 2018, Rosbank continues to maintain its leading position in the Russian market in the largest companies segment, focusing on the diversification of the client base among both Russian and international companies.

Rosbank acted as an organizer of more than ten deals for the largest Russian companies on the syndicated lending market, including EuroChem Group, Uralkali PJSC, Moscow Credit Bank and others. The total amount of financing under syndicated lending transactions from Rosbank amounted to about USD 2,7 billion.

In 2018, trade finance portfolio of Rosbank reached a new record level of RUB 140 billion. Rosbank continues to develop this business area successfully: for example, the market share in terms of the issued import letters of credit increased to 5.8%.

In the segment of lending to small and medium-sized companies, the growth of the loan portfolio in 2018 amounted to 51%, while the volume of balances on current accounts increased by 33%.

The leasing portfolio also shows stable growth: in 2018, the loan portfolio reached a record-breaking amount of RUB 17.8 billion (+ 19% compared to the beginning of the year).

At the end of 2018, Rosbank Factoring also showed record-breaking business results. Thus, the loan portfolio at the end of 2018 grew by 36% compared to the end of 2017. Regional business showed a significant, almost doubled increase in factoring. During the year, Rosbank Factoring introduced a number of new products to the market, including a full line of international factoring.

In addition, in 2018, Rosbank actively developed the digital services for corporate clients:

  • Digital Center for Corporate and Investment Business was created, main task of which is the digital transformation of the corporate direction;
  • The functionality of Internet Client-Bank has been significantly expanded;
  • The “FX E-trading” platform was implemented for currency trading;
  • A host-2-host project with NLMK has been launched.


Financial position


Financial results



*Rosbank, “DeltaCredit” bank, Rusfinance Bank and their subsidiaries