New format: Rosbank and Technonikol adopted a host-to-host interaction via NSD channel - Transit 2.0

    03 November

Rosbank and Technonikol have adopted a new format of interaction: host-to-host technology, which operates through the digital platform of the National Settlement Depository (NSD) - Transit 2.0. The NSD service provides a rapid exchange of financial messages and electronic documents between banks and corporate clients.

The NSD Transit 2.0 platform provides high-speed secure data exchange between the 1C Technonikol corporate system and the bank's host-to-host service.


Thanks to the solutions of NSD and Rosbank, Technonikol corporate treasury was able to use a unified interface for sending payment documents and receiving bank statements. The adoption of a host-to-host technology not only increases the efficiency and security of payments, but also simplifies internal processes, and it will ensure the launch of fundamentally new, "digital" business scenarios for the n interaction of the corporation with banks and counterparties in the future.

In the near future, Technonikol plans to expand significantly the functionality and set of documents used in the framework of host-to-host interaction with Rosbank.

"Rosbank provides corporate clients with a wide range of interaction channels: modern universal solutions: Internet Client Bank, mobile app "Rosbank Business", which we are constantly developing, as well as various options for integration with customer ERP systems (H2). We see interest in Transit 2.0 from our major clients and actively support its implementation, as well as further development of the platform itself to improve the convenience and efficiency of operations. It expands our ability to interact with clients, and we see great potential in cooperation with NSD. We are grateful to our partner Technonikol for the trust for Rosbank when choosing a bank to implement this innovative project", Alexey Ievlev, Director of Corporate Business Domain of Rosbank.

"Thanks to the adoption of a host-to-host technology with Rosbank, we expect to reduce the company's operating costs by speeding up, simplifying, improving the quality and transparency of the typical business process of daily processing of bank documents. This project is an important step in implementing our strategy of centralizing treasury activities", Natalia Smirnova, Head of the Corporate Treasury Department of Technonikol.

"We are very pleased that Rosbank has given the opportunity for its clients to use the Transit 2.0 platform on a full scale. The high market interest in the platform reflects the growing demand for technology services from NSD. We hope that the platform will continue to develop at a rapid pace thanks to the active support of the market", Alexander Nam, Managing Director for Technology Services of NSD.