New transfer types in MIR credit cards became available for the clients of Rosbank

    13 December

The opportunity to carry out new types of P2P transfers (from card to card) appeared in the Internet Bank, Rosbank Online mobile application, as well as in the ATMs of Rosbank:

• from Rosbank VISA/ MasterCard/ MIR cards t MIR cards of other banks;

• from MIR cards of other banks to Rosbank VISA/ MasterCard/ MIR cards;

• from MIR cards of other banks to VISA/ MasterCard/ MIR cards of other banks.

You will need to specify the details of the sender's card (card number, expiration date and CVV code), the amount of the transfer and the card number to which the transfer will be made to carry out the operation. The transfer must be confirmed by SMS-code. Rosbank credit card cannot act as a debit card.

Transferring funds to Rosbank cards is free of charge.

The service fee is 1.5% (minimum 30 rubles) for transferring funds from Rosbank cards to cards of other banks, as well as between cards of other banks.

The maximum amount of one transfer from Rosbank card, as well as cards of other banks is 100 000 rubles, and the maximum amount of transfers per month is 600 000 rubles.

At the same time, third-party issuing banks may set additional conditions and restrictions for card-to-card transfers.

Transactions are carried out only between cards of banks registered in the Russian Federation, including subsidiary banks of foreign credit institutions only in Russian rubles.

The term of crediting depends on the bank that issued the recipient's card and can range from 30 seconds to several days. The money to Rosbank cards is credited online.

More detailed information on tariffs and limits can be specified in the Call Center: 8 800 200 54 34 (free of charge in the regions of the Bank footprint), as well as on our website.

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