Online encashment based on Moniron Cash Connect is now available for Rosbank customers

    29 July

Rosbank offered an opportunity to automate the processing of cash take with the help of online encashment service based on Moniron Cash Connect using the automatic deposit machine Moniron ADM 6, developed by Profindustry company.

An automatic deposit machine (ADM) receives, counts, checks for authenticity and provides safekeeping of cash before encashment as well as crediting funds on an account in online mode. The device is installed at a back office of an outlet. A cashier puts money that is credited to an account throughout the day. The money that is inside an ADM come to the zone of responsibility of a bank. The encashment is carried out as frequent as the machine is full in accordance with the working hours of an outlet that solves the problem of an inconvenient time of encashment that businesses usually face. No special skills are needed to work with an ADM: the training is simple and takes minimum amount of time.

This service will allow economizing time, redistributing human resources on the solution of more important business tasks as well as reducing costs and increasing security for Rosbank customers. Moreover, customers get a complex support on all the stages of work.

“By developing an online encashment service or, in other words, self-encashment, we want to make innovations available for a wider scope of our customers. Moniron Cash Connect solves problems of the processing of a cash take, allows not to waste time of employees on the execution of documents during the encashment, to eliminate errors in the process of cash processing, to reduce operational costs and risks and to get extra opportunities for business development”, Vitaly Anpilogov, Director of Complex Corporate Account Management Department of Rosbank.

“The system of online encashment is actively developing and arouses bigger interest of market participants. It is really a useful service that optimizes the processes of cash circulation and makes them really convenient”, Sergey Barsukov, President of Profindustry.