Opening hours of Rosbank outlets during the New Year holidays

    25 December

Dear clients!

We would like to draw your attention to the change in the opening hours of Rosbank outlets due to the celebration of the New Year and Christmas.

Rosbank urges you to comply with the recommendations of federal and local authorities, Rospotrebnadzor and health authorities and not to leave their places of residence without extreme necessity, to use the wide range of remote services to obtain the necessary banking services.

Taking into account the status of a systemically important bank and an international, socially responsible company, Rosbank continues to serve clients in compliance with all precautionary measures in the interests of employees and clients in the following mode:

  • December 30-standard office hours
  • December 31 – pre-holiday working day, client service is provided until 14:00
  • from January 1 to January 10 - non-working holidays in all outlets, except for offices on duty
  • January 4, 5 and 8 - the bank's outlets on duty are open, the schedule of the offices can be found here
  • from January 11-the standard office hours


Repayment/provision of loans:

The provision of loans for retail lending products is carried out on January 4, 5 and 8, 2021 in the duty offices of Rosbank.

The repayment of retail loans (excluding loans of "Rosbank Dom" borrowers):

• to avoid overdue loan debt with a maturity period of the payment on December 31, 2020 , the next payment on the loan should be paid in Russian rubles till 21:00 local time, in the foreign currency - till 17:00 local time.

• If the term of payment under the loan agreement falls on the period from 1 to 10 January 2021, the date of payment postponed to the first working day,  January 11, 2021 (the next loan payment must be paid by 21:00 January 11, 2021), wherein:

- when there are enough funds in the account to pay for the payment, the bank will carry out repayment of debt under the credit agreement from the account during the period from 5 to 10 January 2021.

- in case of the absence/insufficiency of funds in the account for payment, the repayment of a debt will be paid by the bank on 11 January 2021.

Information about available loan repayment methods is available at the link.

Operations of granting/repayment of loans to the bank's clients (legal entities, individual entrepreneurs) will not be carried out in the period from 1 to 10 January 2021.


Procedure for repayment of loans by borrowers of "Rosbank Dom":

• during the period from 16:00 on December 31, 2020 to 12:00 on January 3, 2021, as well as from January 6 to January 9 inclusive, the functions of the personal account and mobile app will be unavailable due to maintenance works. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to take this information into account when working with information services.

• if the payment date for your loan falls on the period from January 1 to January 10, 2021, the funds will be debited on the first business day (11.01.2021). You can see the payment confirmation on your personal account and mobile app on the next day (January 12, 2021) after the funds are debited.

Terms of execution of operations on deposits and savings accounts, including interest accrual, do not change.



December 30, 2020 - payments in USD (US dollars), EUR (Euro), CAD (Canadian dollar), CHF (Swiss franc), DKK (Danish krona), GBP (Pound sterling), NOK (Norwegian krona), SEK (Swedish krona), CZK (Czech krona), PLN (Polish zloty), CNY (Chinese yuan), BYN (Belarusian ruble), KZT (Kazakh tenge) are accepted as usual in accordance with the opening hours of Rosbank offices.

December 31, 2020 - payments in USD (US dollars), EUR (Euro), CAD (Canadian dollar), CHF (Swiss franc), GBP (Pound sterling), CZK (Czech krona), PLN (Polish zloty), CNY (Chinese yuan) are accepted until 13:00 local time.



The safety and well-being of clients, partners and employees is an absolute priority for Rosbank, so we recommend you to use an internet bank or  Rosbank Online mobile app to use banking services. It is a convenient alternative to visiting an outlet, that saves time and helps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.

Our mobile app gives the opportunity to get services and perform a wide range of everyday financial transactions, including repayment of existing loans, currency exchange, payment for mobile communication services, housing services, taxes and fines without visiting a bank outlet.



You can also make transactions on the account through the contact center of Rosbank:

  • get detailed advice on your accounts, cards, loans, deposits;
  • change the attribute of the main account on the card;
  • order an urgent reissue of the card;
  • activate or block your bank card;
  • manage the parameters of 3 DS and SMS services;
  • connect the internet bank and mobile app.

Tel. 8 800 200 54 34 (free call in the regions of the bank's footprint), as well as by short number *5434 (free of charge from all mobile phones in the regions of Rosbank footprint).



At Rosbank ATMs, you can:

  • withdraw funds from the account;
  • make monthly payments for loans (at Rosbank ATMs with cash-in function). To repay the loan via ATM, the funds should be deposited to your debit card, to which the repayment account is linked. Debiting will be carried out automatically on the specified date;
  • deposit funds to Rosbank credit card . To do this, use the "Deposit money" service at the Rosbank ATM, the funds are credited online.

To repay loans from Rusfinance Bank and Rosbank Dom, use the "Loan Repayment" service at Rosbank ATMs.

To choose the nearest ATM, call the contact center or use the link.

Happy New year and Merry Christmas!

Your Rosbank