Polina Lebedeva and Konstantin Artioukh visited the “Legal Capital of the World”

    06 June

This year in May Saint Petersburg turned into a legal capital of the world hosting the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (SPBILF-2016). The main professional event, under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, was attended by the Deputy Chairman of Rosbank Management Board Konstantin Artioukh and the Director of Legal Direction Polina Lebedeva.

During three days, experts from around 77 countries heatedly debated the crucial issues and challenges facing the legal world such as the modernization of law in the context of global changes in different areas and aspects. The debates were held in the historic interiors of the General Staff Building (the Hermitage museum complex). Polina Lebedeva took part in the debate on “Bankruptcy Process and Bankruptcy Support: Instruments for Business” as well as in the roundtable the “Legal Regulation of Groups of Companies and Holding Structures”.  

According to Rosbank’s Director of Legal Direction, SPBILF is one of the best venues for legal discussions and debates in our county and in the world enabling professionals to determine vectors for development of the legislation and law enforcement practices. Konstantin Artioukh and Polina Lebedeva had an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions with the best representatives of the legal profession, including leading lawyers from the various industries. This is a tremendous opportunity to increase the efficiency of Rosbank legal team, acknowledge the bank’s fellow colleagues’ achievements as well as learn from their mistakes.

"Our participation in this forum is crucial as it ensures the future involvement of Rosbank experts in important for us processes, for example in law making and judicial procedure", noted Director of Legal Direction Polina Lebedeva.

The case is that during the Forum, the decisions on creation of the consultative and expert working groups under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, as well as legislative and judicial bodies are made. Business contacts established during the event allow us to ensure Rosbank is included in the working groups, whose decisions will essentially determine the legislative future of our country.

One of the most memorable moments of the conference was the ceremony awarding the winners of the annual “Best Corporate Legal Department in Russia” competition. As the last year’s winner, Polina Lebedeva took part in the ceremony as a member of the jury.