Protecting nature: our eco-project won a prize at SG Environment Efficiency Awards 2017

    18 October

A reward ceremony for winners of the SG Environment Efficiency Awards 2017 competition took place in Paris. It is Societe Generale international competition in the field of Group’s environmental initiatives. The Rosbank’s initiative to implement water recycling system at a corporate car wash became one of the winners of the competition.

The project was implemented by the employees of Rosbank material and technical support department. The necessary researches and preparatory work were conducted in 2016. January, 2017 the cleaning system was implemented at the car wash in Rosbank head office, located on Mashi Poryvaevoy street, 34.

Water, contaminated after car washing, goes to the cleaning system and then is being used again for the same goals. Applying this system, Rosbank contributes to the reducing of clean water consumption and reduction of discharging the pollutants to sewage and by that lowers the direct negative impact of the banks’ activities on the environment. In particular, the consumption of water in the car wash will reduce almost twice – from 2 700 м³ to 1 458 м³ this year.

Adaptation of the water recycling system led to the economic effect - the reduction of the communal payments due to decrease in fee for the negative impact on the operation of a centralized water supply system (compensation factor). Savings from project implementation will be more than 180 thousands rubles per year.

For winning the contest Rosbank will get 43 thousands euro, which will be invested in the new ecological initiative in 2018.