Quality Agents of Rosbank got a prize of CX World Awards 2019

    22 April

Rosbank project “Quality Agents” became a holder of the annual international award CX World Awards 2019 in the nomination “Staff Engagement” for good results in customer experience management and it was also awarded with a special prize “Anthropology CX”-2019.

“Quality Agents” is a project aimed at the creation of the atmosphere of a “home bank”, forming of a new customer experience and to break the stereotype about the complex and stiff banking system and to provide a personalized approach beyond the frames of job instructions. Quality Agents is a community of employees of retail network who work with customers and promote a high-quality service on the level of their outlet and a tool for the realization of new initiatives. Under the governance of a curator, Agents organize local set of events that are aimed at the improvement of the quality of service both for customers and the colleagues of their territorial office.

The annual award CX WORLD AWARDS identifies and awards the most interesting and successful projects, initiatives, strategies, partnership relations, products, technologies, programs for improvement and modernization as well as it helps to motivate, praise and award the best employees, managers and their teams in Customer eXperience (CX) industry.

You can find out the whole list of the laureates by following the link.