RAEX confirmed the highest credit rating of Rosbank

    23 October

RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) confirmed the credit rating of Rosbank on the level of ruAAA with a stable forecast.

The key factors that influenced positively on the rating were strong positions on the market, relatively high quality of assets, strong capitalization, satisfactory level of profitability, adequate position on liquidity and a high quality of corporate management. Moreover, the agency took into account the high probability of the rendering of financial support in case of necessity by Societe Generale S.A. and administrative support from the government due to the importance of the credit organization for Russian banking system.

According to ranking of “Expert RA” as of 01.09.2018, the bank occupies the 14th place on the corporate credit portfolio, the 13th place on retail loans, and the 11th place on funding by corporate and retail resources. The banking group that includes Rusfinance Bank and DeltaCredit Bank enters the top-5 on retail lending.

Rosbank heads the rating of reliable banks according to Forbes magazine and it has the highest credit rating of ACRA on the level of AAA(ru) and the ratings of international agencies like Moody’s on the level of Ba1/Ba2 (a long-term rating of deposits in national/foreign currency) and Fitch on the level of BBB- that corresponds to investment level.