Rosbank acted as an organizer of a public offering of JSC “Federal Passenger Company” with the total nominal value of 5 billion rubles

    01 November

On October 31, JSC “Federal Passenger Company” carried out the successful public offering of 001R-04 securities of the total nominal value of 5 billion rubles. The coupon rate was defined as 8.90% per year for the offer in 5 years. The demand for the securities exceeded 10 billion rubles.

The initial coupon rate guidance was defined in a range of 9.00-9.20% per year that corresponds with the profitability to redemption yield of 9.20-9.41%. Investors showed a big interest to the securities of JSC “Federal Passenger Company”; more than 20 applications were submitted to the book from all the investor groups (banks, investment companies, managing companies, insurance companies and private investors). As a result, the demand for the bonds is two times more than the offer. The interest from the investment community allowed to make marketing range three times less and establish the coupon rate on the level of 8.90% and to reach a record-breaking narrow spread of 65 basis points above the yield curve of state-owned bonds.

PJSC ROSBANK acted as an organizer of the offering jointly with JSC VTB Capital, JSC Gazprombank and PJSC Sberbank.