Rosbank acted as an organizer of bond placement of PJSC “Rostelecom” worth 15 billion rubles with a coupon rate of 8.45%

    11 April

On April 3, PJSC “Rostelecom” carried out the bond placement of 001P-05R series of a total nominal price of 15 billion rubles. Coupon rate was determined as 8.45% per year for the offer in 3 years. The demand for bonds exceeded 45 million rubles.

The initial coupon rate guidance was determined in a range between 8.60-8.70% per year for the placement of bond issue for 10 billion rubles. Investors showed a great interest to the bonds of PJSC “Rostelecom”. More than 50 applications were submitted from all the groups of investors (banks, investment companies, managing companies, insurance companies and private investors). A big interest from the part of investment community let make marketing range three times lower on the level of 8.45% and to increase the volume of placement up to 15 billion rubles.

PJSC ROSBANK acted as an organizer of the placement jointly with JSC VTB Capital, GPB(JSC) and PJSC Sberbank.