Rosbank acted as the lead organizer of the syndicated loan for "Aсron" with the club of international banks

    05 May

Rosbank and Societe Generale Group signed an supplementary agreement with the Acron Group on the extension of a syndicated structured pre-export loan with a club of partner banks, which was initially concluded in the amount of up to $ 750 million on May 3, 2017. The supplementary agreement was concluded on April 29, 2021. Rosbank is one of the authorized lead organizers of the transaction.

According to the terms of the agreement, the loan term is extended for two years with the end of the repayment period in May 2026.

"Rosbank, Societe Generale Group and Acron Group have a long-term productive partnership. We are glad to have the opportunity to expand our long-term cooperation and support our clients in implementing various projects and  in business development in general, " commented Perizat Shaikhina, First Deputy CEO of Rosbank.

"We are pleased to announce a concluded deal with a pool of international banks. The transaction confirms the high creditworthiness of the Acron Group and significantly improves its liquidity. We are almost fully covering our needs for refinancing the loan portfolio for 2021 with the closing of this transaction, " said Dmitry Balandin, Vice President for Economics and Finance of Acron.