Rosbank and Fanuc Russia are going to teach a robot to draw for a month

    24 May

Rosbank and Fanuc Russia together are going to teach a robot to draw Moscow in the impressionistic manner. Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin and FANUC Russia CEO Marco Delaini signed a memorandum on cooperation to consolidate intentions.

Dmitry Olyunin, Rosbank CEO: “This project is especially significant for us as we are popularizing art for a long time. Impressionism and our group have also common French roots, and so we decided to programme the robot to draw in this manner. At the same time, the implementation of innovative approaches is one of our priorities. Now, the audience knows well digital novelties, and we want to use a modern language – a language of technologies - while speaking about art with our customers. The robot-artist project is a great idea to unite art and digital technologies.”

Marco Delaini, CEO of FANUC Russia: “We couldn’t imagine before that one day technologies will serve art. Today, the progress stepped forward and art became literally public. Soon, everyone will be able to help the innovative artist to draw a painting.”

FANUC company is in the forefront of the world industrial revolution. The company was founded in 1965 by PhD Seiuemon Inaba who first pioneered the concept of numerical control (NC). FANUC is in Top-100 of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, according to Forbes.