Rosbank and FinEx launched an automated investment service SmartInvest

    29 October

Rosbank and FinEx developed a joint automated investment service called SmartInvest. It will help to choose investment assets, to forecast the expected profitability and it will manage the whole investment portfolio. The service is available not only for Rosbank clients, but also for the private investors that are interested in smart investments of their savings. In order to start working with the service, experience in investment is not required. The service defines itself where to invest money depending on the age of the client, investment goals and an inclination to risk.

SmartInvest was developed according to standards of Western automatic financial advisers (robot-advisers). Their peculiar feature is that they make portfolios only of ETFs – foreign stock investment funds.

SmartInvest also selects portfolios that consist only of ETFs. Their advantage is the fact that they contain bonds of not only one company but several hundreds of them. It makes the price of an investment solution lower for clients. The usage of ETF gives the opportunity even for beginner investors to get results better than the majority of investment gurus are able to achieve.

The portfolios executed in SmartInvest are compiled to give profit to a client in a long-term perspective even if some of the assets included in the portfolio will get cheaper. The methodology of the service is based on the modern portfolio theory, behavioral finances and the research in the field of portfolio management and FinEx projects.

It is possible to invest with SmartInvest from the sum of 100 000 rubles. In order to achieve financial goals faster, a client can refill the portfolio from 2 000 rubles a month. A minimal investment period is 1 year; it is the time when the portfolio will start to demonstrate good investment results. It is possible to withdraw money and close the portfolio in any moment without fares and service fees.

In order to use the service, it is necessary to register on the website (further on, Rosbank clients will be able to enter SmartInvest via Rosbank Online account) and then pass the test of 12 easy questions. Judging by the results of the test, the service assesses the inclination of the client to risk. Risk level influences the expected profitability of the portfolio; the more ready a person is to risk, the bigger a potential profitability of the invested money. The client is to enter the starting sum of investment and the investment period and the expected sum for monthly refilling of the portfolio, if the client wants to increase investments regularly on the initial stage of portfolio forming. During the final stage, the client is to fill in the form with personal data and to sign documents with the help of SMS code. It is possible to refill the portfolio via any mobile bank app. If a client wants to refill it via Rosbank Online app, it will be done for free. It is possible to create several portfolios depending on the investment objectives, for example, for a well-off retirement or for a big purchase.

The service allows opening individual investment account to get extra profit. This way, apart from the profit from investments, the client will receive a tax deduction (up to 52 000 rubles) or not to pay a tax for the investment income.

A common service fee is 1,9% per year from the price of the portfolio if the investment period lasts from 1 to 3 years. To stimulate mid-term and long-term investments, the service fee is decreased to 1,3% per year for the portfolios with the period of 3 years and more. This rate is relatively low for the Russian trust management market. It is important to mention that the sum includes all the costs, including fees for closing deals and the keeping of bonds.

Moreover, the special offer is available for the clients who will execute a portfolio till the end of the year – 3 months without a service fee from the moment of the first refilling of the portfolio.

“The aim of SmartInvest is to offer a high-quality service of asset management not for professional investors only but for common people as well who want to manage their money with profit. We want to give all the clients a simple and technological opportunity to form a capital for a big purchase for their dreams, for an important project or for a rainy day. The minimal investment amount is 100 000 rubles that is a lot less that are usually required f or traditional individual trust management. FinEx acted as a developer of the platform and Rosbank took an active part in the development of the interface of a new product and efficiency increase and the convenience of usability of the platform by Rosbank clients. I am sure that our clients will appreciate the results of our work, “Arnaud Denis, First Deputy CEO of Rosbank.

“SmartInvest service is aimed at the solution of investment goals for all the categories of clients: from successful entrepreneurs to students that are on the start of their career. An automatic adviser will not offer some typical strategy for you, it will prepare an individual solution taking into account the age, aims and the attitude to risk. It is well-known in the world of investment, that the chance to get good results depends on the size of investment horizon. Unfortunately, it is difficult for beginner investors to accept and stick to the long-term investment solution. To alleviate the decision making process, we decided to offer the responsible investors who plan to invest for more than 3 years a lowered service fees” Oleg, Yankelev, Managing Partner of FinEx and Executive Director of FinEx Plus.

You can start investing with SmartInvest by following this link.

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