Rosbank and Mastercard organized an unforgettable “Rendezvous with France” for clients

    28 November

Rosbank and Mastercard organized a “Rendezvous with France” for payroll and corporate clients in a house-museum of Matvei Muravyov-Apostol, one of the most beautiful mansions of the old Moscow. A miraculously saved family mansion that was restored with love by the direct ancestor Christopher Muravyov-Apostol, now is a pearl of the city and it keeps the spirit of Moscow cultural life of the times of the Decembrist uprising.

The concept of performance rooms, one of the most creative formats for client events, was chosen for the “Rendezvous”. It will make sure that everyone will get welcome surprises and memorable impressions. The concept of the event was hidden until the beginning of the celebration – clients could read only hints to what will expected them in welcome letters.

Rosbank and Mastercard presented the most well-known facts about France in a theatrical and even grotesque shape. A promenade performance, an interactive cabaret, a “living mirror” – it is just a bit from the whole program that was prepared for the guests of the event in the old halls of the elegant mansion. A flight on the hot-air balloon made a remarkable impression on the guests: they could rise up to the sky, touch the tops of the trees and even get caught in a thunderstorm, not leaving the room.

Certainly, it was not without a French traditional November young wine celebration. A sommelier presented a Beaujolais nouveau of 2018 made by one of the best French winemakers to the guests, accompanying the tasting session with the interesting facts about this beverage.

The event was the first in the row that Rosbank and Mastercard are going to organize for their clients on the best venues of Moscow and other cities of Russia.