Rosbank and RUDN signed Memorandum on cooperation

    20 March

15th March, 2017 Vladimir Filippov, People's Frendship University of Russia (RUDN)Director, and Konstantin Artioukh, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, signed the Memorandum on cooperation. The Memorandum reflects the priority areas for joint activities of the parties aimed at exchange of experience and information in the field of law, improving the educational process and a socially useful purposes.

"Cooperation of universities and business remains a topical issue of qualified personnel training. We believe that to solve the problem of skills shortages in parts of highly qualified lawyers, as well as for educational programs's modernization in accordance with modern requirements in the field of law the most effective tool is direct dialogue between the legal departments of corporations and the leading law universities. The Memorandum signing is an indicator of the willingness of both sides to specific actions to solve current issues,"– Konstantin Artioukh mentioned.

RUDN Director Vladimir Filippov said: "PFUR is widely known primarily for their achievements in the educational process' organization, scientific researches and extensive international connections. There are students from more than 150 countries in the University.
The Memorandum of cooperation signing brings a new level of interaction with existing financial institutions, especially such an authoritative bank with high rating and solid reputation. This is mutually beneficial cooperation, which will definitely impact on improving the quality of financial management in bank departments. First of all, it will allow the University to provide a broader palette of training for the financial organization, that is especially important, providing them with training meeting modern requirements, which are formed in banking and should be considered to be competitive.
Another promising direction could be cooperation in the framework of the financial literacy of the younger generation increase program, which can be realized by conducting the same lessons in primary schools or teaching-educational edition release".

Rosbank cooperation with Russian leading universities is a successful practice, the bank has signed cooperation agreements with such universities as the Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation.