Rosbank and Samolet Group conducted the first online mortgage deal

    17 April

Rosbank, in partnership with Samolet Group, conducted its first own deal and one of the first online mortgage deals in Russia. The process of issuing a mortgage loan for housing under construction was completely remote, without the client visiting the office or the bank visiting the client.

"The self-isolation has largely become a driver for the development of new remote services, speeding up their appearance on the market. Thanks to the new online mortgage processing service launched by Rosbank together with our partner, which allows you to complete a deal easily and safely, you don’t have to postpone the planned solution of the housing issue until a later date. On the contrary, now is a good time to take advantage of the remaining comfortable lending conditions," Denis Kovalev, Head of Rosbank Dom.

"Samolet Group became one of the first developers who offered the client a full cycle of transactions for the purchase of an apartment online due to the work on the digital transformation of the company, which has been underway for two years. Today, we can say with confidence that the analog milestone in development has ended, and clients can truly appreciate all the services and tools for buying an apartment without leaving their homes. It is nice that Russian banks and developers are ahead even of their Western counterparts in this direction", Dmitry Volkov, Managing Director of Samolet Group.

It is possible to buy an apartment on mortgage by Rosbank with a minimum initial payment of 15%, the bank rate for buying housing under construction will be from 9.39% per annum. It is possible to reduce the minimum rate to 7.89% with the "Ultra" option of the "Set your own rate" banking program. The state program "Family mortgage" at the rate of 5.5% is also available.

Previously, Rosbank offered its clients a service for executing a mortgage deal with a home visit.