Rosbank and Societe Generale Insurance presented the program of investment life insurance called “Premier Life”

    29 June

Rosbank and Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni offered “Premier Life” investment life insurance to their premium customers.

Premier Life combines several high-end medical services, insurance and opportunity to save money. Customers are offered an annual medical care in the best private and state-owned medical centers all over Russia, concierge service for medical issues, organization of critical disease treatment, insurance in case of unexpected consequences connected with life and health. The program lasts 7 years. After the end of the program, the customer gets the part of saved payments that are guaranteed by the contract.

4 programs are offered for the choice of a customer, where payments are 100 000, 200 000, 400 000 and 800 000 rubles per year according to the number of services. The list of services and critical diseases, countries of treatment and coverage limits depend on the chosen level of the program.

Lidiya Kashirina

Deputy Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank

To keep a healthy lifestyle, do sports, eat properly and know enough about one’s body are the modern parts of life of a person that cares about his future. Annual medical examinations provided by Premier Life program will help to achieve these goals. For the situations where the treatment is needed, program offers the support in organization and compensation of costs for the treatment at competent doctors in the best medical centers of Russia and all over the world. In addition to what was mentioned, Premier Life gives the opportunity to save money after the end of the program.

You can sign Premier Life investment life insurance agreement in Rosbank outlets. Learn more about the service and its conditions by following the link, as well on Rosbank website or call to Call Centre:8 800 200 54 34 (24/7, call is free in the regions of the bank footprint).

LLC “Societe Generale Strakhovanie ZhiznI” is a part of Societe Generale Group. It works in Russia since 2006 and it is specialized on bankassurance. It enters top-10 life insurance companies in Russia for 2017 according to CBR.