Rosbank and Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni offer a new investment solution

    24 July

Rosbank and Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni offer a new investment life insurance program Premier Maximum to customers.

The main advantage of the program is the method of investment income accounting. The income is defined from the maximum fixed rate for the whole validity period of the agreement.

The investment part of the Premier Maximum program is based on a new strategy “World Leaders Maximum”. The rate that lies on the base of this strategy represents 25 large companies, the real market leaders that occupy leading positions in their spheres (transnational corporations in the food industry, telecommunications and media companies, building and energy juggernauts).

Nevertheless, there is no fixed list or a restriction on the footprint of the company: market leaders are selected quarterly on 5 continents by professional analysts of Societe Generale CIB (London). Thanks to this, the dynamics of the rate does not depend on the situation in only one economic zone.

Premier Maximum has all the advantage of classic investment insurance: the guarantee on initial payment refund on the date of the agreement expiration, life insurance of an investor. Potentially unlimited investment profit as well as tax and legal preferences.

“Premier Maximum logically adds to our investment product offer that we gradually develop taking into account the international expertise of Societe Generale on the investment market as well as customers’ expectations of convenience, profitability and risk. Therefore we create a personal financial solution for different life situations of a customer”, Arnaud Denis, First Deputy CEO of Rosbank.

“A good mechanism and an investment strategy should work together. Premier Maximum combines both of the conditions. Our customers can be sure of the safety of the capital and maximum efficiency of their investments. The work mechanism of the program allows to account for optimal profitability  and the investment strategy that lies on the base of the program, allows to achieve the best result”, Sabine Estache, Commercial Director of  Societe Generale  Strakhovanie Zhizni

Therefore, Rosbank customers have a new instrument for the diversification of a financial portfolio. Premier Maximum gives a protected access to investments in the world economy and it also allows getting a potentially unlimited investment profit accounted by the maximum point of the basic asset.

Customers can apply for Premier Maximum in rubles for 3 or 5 years as well as in US dollars for 5 years.