Rosbank and the Government of Buryatia Republic signed a partnership agreement

    05 September

In Vladivostok within Eastern Economic Forum Ilya Polyakov and Alexey Tsydenov, Chairman of the Government of Buryatia Republic, signed a partnership agreement that defines general guidelines for the joint work. The counterparts agreed to build up a mutually beneficial partnership that includes the creation of conditions for a successful realization of strategic plans for a social and economic development of Buryatia Republic as well as the organization of efficient source of assets for the guarantee of a social stability and the improvement of the quality of life for the people of Buryatia Republic.

“The agreement includes the complex development of partnership between Rosbank and Buryatia Republic in several directions. A lot of attention will be paid in particular to the realization of investment projects oriented on the social and economic development as well as the attraction of Russian and foreign private investments into the economy of the Republic. Rosbank has a deep international expertise in this sphere and I am sure that the document signed today will boost  the development of the economy of Buryatia Republic”, Ilya Polyakov, CEO of Rosbank.

“The strategy of Buryatia Republic includes the active development of economy and a social infrastructure of the region, the creation of comfortable conditions for business operations. The partnership with companies of an international level will allow us to solve current tasks efficiently, to set more ambitious goals and achieve results. We are sure that the agreement with Rosbank will stimulate the interest of foreign partners to the projects of the Republic and it will influence positively on the investment climate of the region”, Alexey Tsydenov, Chairman of Buryatia Republic.