Rosbank announced 12 finalists of the all-Russian contest program for social entrepreneurs “Start Differently”

    20 August

Rosbank announced the authors of the projects who passed to the final of “Start Differently”, an all-Russian contest program for social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations that improve life conditions for people with disabilities. They will undergo an intense development program in order to make their business projects into sustainable enterprises.

The aim of “Start Differently” program that was organized by Rosbank in collaboration with Impact Hub Moscow, social initiative support center, is to help organizations that improve lives for people with disabilities and to create a financially stable business models. The program creates a community of people who are united by motivation to change society for the better. 154 application forms were received for 12 places in the program. The application forms came from 69 cities of Russia from the entrepreneurs who employ disabled people and develop goods and services for them.

The finalists were elected by expert jury according to such criteria as a social significance of the problem, efficiency and innovational potential of the solution, financial sustainability potential and team potential.

Apart from the representatives of Rosbank and Impact Hub Moscow, the jury of “Start Differently” consisted of famous experts, including Yuliya Zhigulina, Executive Director of “Our Future” fund, Yevgeniya Voskoboynikova, a host of “Dozhd” channel, Olga Ryabova, an independent expert on social entrepreneurship, Constant Chairman of “Future of jobs” Committee, and others.

Elena Kojadei

Director of Communications and Advertising Department of Rosbank

During the selection stage we had a challenging task to accomplish. The competition between projects was very high, 13 applications for 1 place in the program. Thanks to the fact that the jury was formed of the experts in different fields, every one’s contribution to the discussion around every project helped in a complex and multilateral assessment and we chose the most perspective for further development. I sincerely congratulate the finalists of “Start Differently”. We will be glad to help them making their first step to financial sustainability. Moreover, we see our role in helping other future projects on the base of the results we have now. I would like to notice the growing level of Social entrepreneur community and non-profit sector that made a lot of effort to develop the sphere in Russia. A wide geography of the projects is also inspiring, the society thinks in the same way and we are happy to support this movement.

2 finalists of “Start Differently” program:

  • “Voyages of dreams”, Kaliningrad
  • “Kinestetics”, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region
  • Inclusive workshops “Simple things”, Saint-Petersburg
  • “TOGETHER. Inclusive football trainings for children”, Moscow
  • “Special masters” Sverdlovsk Region
  • Inclusive children center “Daisy”, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region
  • Art and handicraft workshop “Okoyom”, Moscow
  • “Inclusion is the right for everyone!”, Irkutsk
  • Inclusive art workshop “FilIn”, Moscow
  • “Cozy things” Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region
  • “Interaction. Inclusive cinema-theatre project”, Moscow

Learn more about the projects on the website of the program:

“Every year we receive more than 100 children with ICP, autism and other disorders in our children centers. We bring children up to the average social norm there. This project was supported only by my personal interest till this time. The participation in the program “Nachni Inache” for me is an opportunity to get help of the specialists and mentors from business and non-profit organizations, to find and work at weak features, to establish the directions for development”, Nadezhda Samoylova, the author of the project “Children centers of Nadezhda Samoylova”, Saint-Petersburg.

"In our opinion, social entrepreneurship as a form of support and employment of people with developmental features could become an effective and replicable model of their socialization, integration into society, development of independence skills and the ability to earn their own living. This model can serve as an example to the general public that how people with mental disabilities can be not only dependents, objects of care and pity, but also to be full-fledged members of society, to benefit, earn and provide for their needs, "said Andrey Afonin, creator of art and crafts workshops "Okoyom", Moscow

On September 6-7, the finalists will gather in Moscow for an introductory conference with master classes and trainings. Then the correspondence program of development, calculated for 2.5 months, will begin. Its theme is developed taking into account the features of social entrepreneurship at the overlap of business and philanthropy. Participants will refine and improve their projects under the guidance of curators, successful entrepreneurs. Practical recommendations of experts will be based on the results of the study of the best Russian practices of creating sustainable models in the field of working with people with disabilities.

Professional mentoring and consultations from Rosbank employees will be one of the elements of the educational program. They will share their expertise and knowledge in such areas as marketing, sales, business planning, legal and financial issues on a volunteer basis.

After passing the development program, 12 participants will compete for grants and the main prize. Two of the three winners will receive a bonus of 200 and 150 thousand rubles for the development of sustainable models of their organizations, and the main prize will be an intensive experience exchange in France.