Rosbank announces the partnership with General Motors

    05 March

Rosbank announces the partnership with General Motors. Now, when purchasing cars of the Cadillac and Chevrolet brands, financial services of the Rosbank Auto branch are available to clients.

Under the credit programs of Cadillac Finance and Chevrolet Finance, clients will be able to purchase cars on special terms. Rates start at 5.4% per year*, one of the most attractive offers on the Russian market.

The partnership with Rosbank Auto will allow you to calculate the loan program in the online booking services of Cadillac and Chevrolet, and get a preliminary approval for the loan application.

Special conditions will also apply for clients who choose to apply for a car loan at a branch. The benefit for the purchase of a Cadillac will be 50,000 rubles** for the brand's crossover line and 60,000 rubles** for an Escalade.

"We are pleased to announce the start of cooperation with a new strategic partner, General Motors, and offer Cadillac and Chevrolet fans credit opportunities on the most interesting terms. I will add that fans of brands can get extra benefits if they get a payroll account in Rosbank on a permanent basis. In this case, the rate on the car loan will be reduced by 1%***", - commented Pavel Samoilov, Head of Partner Programs and Strategic Segments Department of Rosbank Auto.

"The partnership with Rosbank Auto will be an important step for us in terms of expanding opportunities for our clients. The credit programs of Cadillac and Chevrolet Finance have long been known for their attractive terms, and we have no doubt that thanks to the new cooperation, even more fans of Cadillac and Chevrolet will be able to implement their plans to purchase our cars," said Olga Burlakova, Director of Marketing and PR at General Motors Russia.


* Rates from 5.4% (subject to life insurance) to 8.4% (without additional financial services) are valid when entering into a loan agreement with PJSC ROSBANK for a period of 36 to 84 months. Loan currency: Russian rubles. The tariff is available when purchasing Cadillac and Chevrolet models officially sold in Russia by General Motors dealers. The loan involves making a down payment of 30% or more of the cost of the car. The minimum loan amount is 50 thousand rubles, the maximum-6.5 million rubles. It is necessary to provide security under the loan agreement.

** The discount is provided when applying for a car loan via Rosbank Auto in the dealerships of official Cadillac dealers for the purchase of the following models: Cadillac Escalade (year of production 2020) in the amount of 60,000 rubles; Cadillac XT5/XT6 (year of production 2020) - 50,000 rubles; Cadillac XT4 (year of production 2020-2021) - 50,000 rubles.

***The amount of the specified interest rate may be reduced by 1% (one percent) per year if, during the first two full calendar months following the month of conclusion of the loan agreement, the borrower's account opened in PJSC ROSBANK (OGRN 1027739460737) for free performance of obligations under the agreement in accordance with clause 8.1 Individual Terms and Conditions, non-cash money transfers will be made on behalf of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur with an indication of the purpose of the payment "salary" in any monetary amount, or non-cash money transfers will be made in the aggregate of at least 50,000 rubles through third-party organizations/banks. To maintain the reduced interest rate, provide monthly non-cash money transfers from legal entities or individual entrepreneurs with the above purpose of payment to the specified account in any amount of money, or provide monthly non-cash money transfers in the aggregate amount of at least 50,000 rubles per month through third-party organizations/banks. In case of non-compliance with these conditions within 3 (three) calendar months, the amount of the interest rate under the agreement may be increased by 1% (one percent) per annum.

The lender's notification of the change in the amount of the interest rate for the use of the loan can be sent to the Borrower by any of the following methods: through the FSUE "Russian Post" by registered mail with a notification of delivery or can be transmitted by simple delivery

The new interest rate applies to this Agreement:

- when the interest rate is reduced-starting from the date following the date indicated in the Repayment Schedule of the month following the month of fulfillment of the conditions stipulated for the interest rate reduction.

- in case of an increase in the interest rate-starting from the date following the date indicated in the Repayment Schedule of the month following the month of expiration of 3 (three) months of non-compliance with the conditions provided for maintaining the reduced interest rate.

If the borrower does not agree with the change in the amount of the interest rate for using the loan, he has the right to return the remaining amount of the loan to the lender, pay the interest due and other mandatory payments under this agreement before the new amount of the interest rate is put into effect. Activation of the service is carried out without additional fees (free of charge), applies to all bank rates for a period of 12 to 36 months, does not affect the interest rate on the loan. Please check with the credit consultant of PJSC ROSBANK for the possibility of connecting the service to a specific tariff. The Bank has the right to refuse to issue a loan.