Rosbank automated interaction with DIA based on the CFT solution

    24 August

Rosbank and the Center for Financial Technologies (CFT) have successfully implemented CFT applications into the bank’s IT-infrastructure for cooperation with the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Rosbank's business processes, thanks to cooperation with the DIA, have been transferred to a qualitatively new level. 

The CFT applications established in Rosbank ensure the automation of the whole process of interaction with the DIA in terms of arranging insurance payments to depositors of banks in which the insured event has occurred: from accepting the registers of depositors entitled to receive insurance compensation to issuing reimbursements and reporting to the DIA. 

"Required functionality and ability to integrate into the existing IT-landscape has determined our choice", - Denis Sotin, Rosbank CIO said. - CFT solution will allow Rosbank to be ready to act as an agent for insurance payments at the moment of announcement of the DIA contest results, to organize and to conduct payments promptly, while ensuring high-quality customer service. We have already successfully carried out the first payments".  

"A set of applications for interaction with the DIA allows to solve two important blocks of tasks when the credit institution works as an agent bank of the DIA: data exchange with the DIA and the implementation of insurance payments compensation to depositors when their bank loses its  license", – Andrei Vishyashchev, CFT CEO said. - Our partner will be able to make insurance payments to customers uninterruptedly and on time".