Rosbank automates internal administrative business-processes

    01 November

As a part of the strategy of Rosbank IT-architecture transformation, Cinimex company created and implemented a platform for automation of all internal administrative processes. The platform is created for reducing time spending on administrative tasks solutions, increasing employees’ satisfaction and enhancing process efficiency.
In the current moment the processes of business trips registration are automated in the pilot mode. In the «Business trips» section the execution of an application with the automatic filling of many parameters became possible. The application can be created by an employee or by a secretary. The different scenarios of passing through the process such as a job position, a cost rate, trip types and so on can be realized. Pre booking, creation of an order/memo on payment of an advance and other are automated. In the near future the decision is planned to be scaled for the whole bank.

«This project is an important stage in the development of the bank business-architecture. Primarily, it is aimed at the increasing transparency of internal processes, increasing efficiency of their implementation and satisfaction of internal clients. For us it’s also a transition to a new level of control of transversal processes and another step to the creation of internal services culture », - said Rosbank Director of Change Management Elena Bronnikova.

The contract management process automatization and the integration with bank’s other systems are based on this platform. Among priority plans – business processes automation on processing customer requests, a withdrawal and a work with the powers of others.
«An automation of all internal processes is rather untypical and ambitious task for every company, especially for the big one. The project was implemented together with the colleagues from Rosbank. The main difficulty was that alongside with building the basis of the platform-technological system framework, it was necessary to formalize business processes to the state suitable for automation », - said Head of Business Development of Cinimex company.

Cinimex company was created in 1997. It specializes on creation and implementation of business-oriented and infrastructural decisions. The company implemented dozens of difficult projects in the large financial institutions of Russia and in the international manufacturing companies.