Rosbank awarded Happy Data Year championship participants

    29 January

An award ceremony for the winners of the online data analysis Happy Data Year championship was held at the Head Office of Rosbank, where the winners presented their decisions, answered the questions, and shared experiences and impressions received during the competition. More than 60 persons took part in the event, including 35 participants of the competition.

The online contest Happy Data Year was held at the site. The main objectives of the competition were to solve business problems by using the best practices of community, as well as to search for potential candidates in order to replace open positions related to advanced analytics.

The competition started on November 22 and lasted 50 days; the participants were asked to solve the problem of optimal arrangement of Rosbank ATM network devices using machine learning algorithms. As a training example, data on the geo-location of 6000 ATMs of Rosbank and its partners were proposed, as well as the target variable - the popularity index of the ATM.

Approximately, 300 data analysis specialists took part in the championship. Among the main prizes, participants were additionally awarded for the best technical implementation, presentation, original approach to the generation of features and cleanliness of the code.

Dmitry Smirnov

Head of the data laboratory of Rosbank

We continue the successful experience of holding online data analysis championships. This time, we approached the selection and formulation of the task even more thoroughly - the proposed case is interesting and allows data analysis specialists to work with parsing technologies and also to collect geodata independently, which forms a rich source for solving a number of applied problems. That is why we have introduced the additional nominations to encourage not only the best solutions, but also original approaches to them. Thanks to the participants for the high-quality solutions and interesting reports.

The winners were awarded in the first part of the event, as it was determined in advance by the results of the online calculation. The employees of Societe Generale Group companies in Russia and participants of the competition listened to the reports of the finalists, asked questions, learned about the approaches and difficulties during the competition. The first place was taken by Konstantin Nikolaev, the second - by Kirill Hrylchenko, the third - by Konstantin Grishanov.

The winners in additional nominations were announced after a short break. This was followed by the performance of 10 persons who decided to participate in the competition for the best presentation, which was held among the participants included in the TOP30, but did not win prizes. Several contestants were located in other cities, and they were given the technical opportunity to make a presentation of solutions remotely. The voting was held among all the listeners in the hall, and according to its result, Andrei Pedchenko was declared as the winner.

All participants who came to the awards ceremony received sweatshirts with the symbols of the championship.