Rosbank chose Group-IB as a strategic cybersecurity partner

    19 December

Rosbank announced the strategic partnership in the field of cybersecurity with Group-IB, an international company specializing on the prevention of cyberattacks.

The use of digital technologies is one of the key elements of the bank strategy. That is why Rosbank constantly improves an antifraud-contour, taking into account the increase in social engineering-related fraud to bank clients.

According to Group-IB, social engineering-related fraud is on the first place by the the degree of threat to bank clients in Russia. First of all, we are talking about phone calls. At the same time, as it is noted by Rosbank, the proportion of the number of attacks on legal entities and individuals since the beginning of the year shows an advantage in favor of the latter: if in 2018 retail clients accounted for 35% of fraud, in 2019 this figure rose to 65%.

"In 2019, we have reached a new level of partnership with Group-IB. Rosbank has successfully implemented Secure Bank technology for all clients, which allowed to increase significantly the efficiency of the anti-fraud system by analyzing client devices and client behaviour when working with the remote banking service system (RBS). Secure Bank demonstrated high speed and quality of detection of suspicious activity in RBS channels at the early stage. This allowed us to reduce the load on the transactional anti-fraud systems, and the most important is to expand significantly the opportunities for analysis and prevention of potential attacks, " Mikhail Ivanov, Director of the Information Security Department of Rosbank.

The integration of Anti-Malware-on-client technologies with Secure Bank's behavioural analysis system allows you to detect and block fraudulent attacks using social engineering techniques, detect the presence of remote control and malware on the user's device, as well as web injections or application of stolen credentials. Based on machine learning technologies, graphic communication analysis and cross-channel analytics, Secure Bank provides comprehensive protection of the digital identity of the user and his online sessions with the bank. At the moment, all pilot tests of Group-IB Secure Bank have been completed successfully: the system has been put into commercial operation to protect customers-both individuals and legal entities.

Moreover, Rosbank has been using the Group IB Brand Protection service for more than two years, which allows to detect attacks on the brand, as well as phishing sites and mobile applications used to attack the bank's clients. Since, the BrandProtection team blocked about 5,000 consonant domains, of which 15% were fraudulent. It was also discovered and closed more than 140 groups in social networks Vkontakte and <url>, illegally used the brand of the bank.

The first project of Group-IB and Rosbank was the introduction in 2016 of the Threat Detection System (TDS), the flagship product line of Group-IB. TDS is used to prevent cyberattacks at an early stage, detect zero-day threats, and enhances significantly the ability to respond quickly to cyber incidents of the bank's own SOC (Security Operation Center).

"Rosbank is one of the examples of a flexible and adaptive approach to creating a working cybersecurity strategy, transforming with the emergence of new threats and market challenges. We are proud that Rosbank, as a financial institution that complies with not only Russian but also international standards, decided to expand the stack of Group-IB technologies to ensure the protection of its clients. This is a proactive stance aimed at analyzing cyber threats, hunting for cybercriminals and responding promptly to any atypical activity. We are honored to work with the bank team that shares our approach to cybersecurity», Igor Smirnov, Commercial Director of Group-IB.