Rosbank clients can get a preliminary decision on mortgage in 2 minutes

    18 April

A new feature is available for Rosbank customers: now it is possible to apply for a mortgage in DeltaCredit Bank via Rosbank Internet bank and Rosbank Online mobile app and get a preliminary decision in 2 minutes. To apply for a mortgage via Rosbank internet bank and Rosbank Online mobile app, you have to go to “Mortgage” section in a “New product” tab. Then a customer will be redirected to the page of fast-track registration in DeltaExpress service by DeltaCredit Bank.

After the registration procedure, the mortgage application will be filled in automatically with the data from a personal account in internet bank or Rosbank Online mobile app. The only thing a client has to do is to check its correctness and confirm the submission of the application to the consideration.

A preliminary decision on a loan will be formed in 30 seconds after the submission of an application.

“The integration of digital services of Rosbank and DeltaCredit is one more step to the development of a united ecosystem of Rosbank Group that provides customers the access to all the loan products of the Group. Further on, we will provide the opportunity of online execution of  Rosbank consumer loans, that is already available for our payroll customers, to everyone”, Alexey Lola, Director of Digital Retail Department of Rosbank.