Rosbank clients will obtain a legal protection of their business by National Legal Service “AMULEX”

    23 October

National Legal Service “AMULEX” developed a schedule of fees that provide maximum protection of business interest special for entrepreneurs that are Rosbank clients. The schedule includes the most in-demand types of legal services for business that differ depending on the request of each company.

“Business Lite”, “Business” and “Business+” tariffs were developed for small and mid-cap business representatives that use Rosbank services. Legal business consultations in oral and written form, accounting and tax consulting, agreement analysis, document form delivering, document development, counterpart checking, client website audit on the issue of law abiding in the sphere of personal data protection and, if necessary, legal prospect assessment were included in the list of services. Within the tariff, a lawyer can also make a call on behalf of a client. AMULEX specialists can conduct a written legal expertise of deals, documents and legal situations and make a compilation of legal documents on the current theme range on behalf of a client. Company managers can appeal to lawyers for oral legal consultations on personal issues. A unique Personal account is available for all certificate holders, it allows clients to save the request history, to record and play audioreordings of talks with a lawyer and to download and upload necessary documents.

Certificates are differentiated according to price depending on the demand in legal services that will be available for Rosbank clients within the period of one year.

Moreover, individual discounts are available for the holders of “Black” and “Platinum” service packs.

To get legal consultations, business representatives can use any channel of communication they find convenient. It is possible to contact with AMULEX lawyers by calling on the free telephone number, via website, mobile app or chat-bot. The service is available 24/7.

National Legal Service AMULEX is one of the leaders in remote 24/7 legal services for individuals and small and mid-cap business companies all over Russia since 2010. AMULEX specialists helped to save nerves, reputation, savings, life and freedom of 2 million clients, their families and partners from 1866 cities and settlements of Russia. AMULEX today is more than 250 lawyers in Moscow and regional offices of the company. The largest banks of the country, insurance, medical and retail companies are among AMULEX partners and these companies confide their clients and employees to the leading legal technology provider. You can apply for the service in any Rosbank outlet that provides services for the representatives of small and mid-cap businesses. You can find the list of outlets on this link.

The service is offered by LLC “National Legal Service AMULEX”. PJSC ROSBANK acts as an agent.