Rosbank continues to reduce loan interest rates for small business

    05 April

Rosbank reduced loan interest rates for small business for the second time in 2018. Now the minimum financing cost for evergreen credit, investment loan, “Autoclassics” car loan for business and for refinancing program of loans from other banks and mortgage amounts 10,38% per year. An average reduction rate is 0,4 percentage points.

Maksim Lukyanovich

Director of Small Business Department

In the 1st quarter of 2018 we observed an activity in the lending sphere and demand increase on credit products from small business side. We expect this tendency to continue in the future, that is why the reduction of interest rates is quite a logical result. I would like to notice that new terms make Rosbank credit offers one of the most beneficial on the lending market

You can find out more about the terms of small business lending following the link.