Rosbank customers can insure their cards against modern types of fraud

    11 April

Rosbank and Societe Generale Insurance offer to use “Defence” to the holders of bank cards. It is an updated insurance program that secures against the risk of fraud with bank cards.

Depending on the type of the program, customers get an security against the widespread types of embezzlement, namely:

  • With the use of devices that support contactless payments PayPass/Apple Pay/Google Pay;
  • With the use of unauthorized access to mobile or internet bank;
  • Phishing, skimming or phone fraud, via unprotected WiFi networks.

Moreover, the program  lets you insure funds in case of loss or theft of the card and in case when the card holder became a victim of robbery during or after the cash withdrawal in an ATM or in the bank outlet.

“New banking technologies are entering our life headlong and they become more and more popular: mobile and internet bank, contactless cards, payment by smartphone – all these things make banking services simpler and more convenient. Nevertheless, in line with digital services, new ways of fraud and embezzlement are developing. Cardholder risk insurance program “Defence” offers customers one of the fullest and up-to-date coverage variants on the Russian market that lets them use all the modern services without any precaution”, Damien Leclercq, Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank.

Customers can choose one of three options, “Defence Basic”, Defence Optimum”, “Defence Premium”, that matches their needs most.

Insurance covers all Rosbank cards + one card of any other Russian bank. The expenses for the  reissue of the card, the documents, key making and the purchase of a mobile phone are compensated to the customer, if all the things mentioned were lost with the card (within the limit stated in the agreement). More than that, insurance covers the funds lost within 72 hours before submitting an application on the event of blocking of the card to the bank.

Insurance is active around the world, a card  is under protection 24/7.

You can buy an insurance in any Rosbank outlet.

Learn more about insurance programs by following the link.

The service is offered by LLC “SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie”. PJSC ROSBANK acts as an agent.