Rosbank Depositary is recognized as the best custody service provider in Russia

    21 January

Societe Generale Securities Services Russia got the highest mark among custody service providers in Russia according to the results of an annual research of the providers that operate on developing markets, conducted by Global Custodian magazine.

According to the results of the research, total mark of SGSS Russia is 6,40 points from 7,00 that is the best result among the competitors on Russian market. SGSS Russia got 7,00 and 6,75 points for Asset Management and Innovations respectively. The mark for client asset protection exceeded the average global rate significantly.

The respondents defined the technological platform of SGSS Russia as “stable and convenient…and...better than that any other providers that we’ve worked with on this market”. The survey respondents also commented on the client service of SGSS Russia and noted “the client service provided by the staff from the custody department is outstanding. The employees react quickly to inquiries and help with different issues”.

2019 Global Custodian Emerging Markets Survey contains a detailed analysis of client perception rates of the largest custody service providers that work on the developing markets of 20 countries.

The survey assessed such criteria as the quality of settlements and asset service, the level of client service, quality and efficiency, reporting, technology, additional services, and others. The survey respondents were the representatives of the world's largest custodian banks, brokerage companies, and depositaries.

"We strive to constantly improve the level of service, carefully analyze feedback from customers. I am grateful to all members of our team for their professionalism and commitment, which is highly appreciated by our clients,” Mikhail Bratanov Director of Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) in Russia and CIS.