Rosbank Depositary (SGSS Russia) is of the highest quality according to Global Custodian

    25 January

Rosbank Depositary (Societe Generale Securities Services Russia, SGSS Russia) was marked highest in the Value Delivered category among all custodian banks in Russia according to the results of annual review of providers who give professional services on developing markets by Global Custodian. It also got the highest average point on complex assessment among all the international banks that provide depositary services in Russia.

The research “Agent bank in Emerging market” of Global Custodian for 2017 consists of detailed analysis of client perception rate of the largest service providers-custodians that work on developing markets of 22 countries. The criteria of assessment included such rates as the quality of accounting and asset service, client service level, quality and efficiency, reporting submission, technologies, additional services, etc. The respondents of the survey were bank managers from 40 world’s largest custodian banks, brokers and depositaries.