Rosbank Depository management entered the membership of User Committees of National Settlement Depository and Moscow Exchange Council

    29 January

At the end of December of 2017 the meetings of Supervisory Council of Moscow Exchange and National Settlement Depository (NSD) took place where a new membership of Moscow Exchange Council and new memberships of User Committees of NSD were affirmed.

Mikhail Bratanov, Director of Securities Service Department of Rosbank, entered the membership of Moscow Exchange Council. At the moment Mikhail is the only member of the Council who came from custodial industry.

Moscow Exchange Council is an expert and consultative body of PJSC Moscow Exchange that is aimed at discussing the development of the Exchange and providing the feedback from the participants of the market. According to the message of the Exchange, heads of top-14 exchange trading volume participants and heads of specialized self-regulating organizations, managing companies, investment banks, depository bank and the Bank of Russia entered the new membership.

Anatoly Matyukhin, Deputy Director of Securities Service Department of Rosbank, was elected to NSD Settlement, Depository Activity and Rates Committee.

Yulia Davydova, Head of Product Development Division of Rosbank, was elected to Quality and Risk Committee and to Central Depository Service User Committee.

Natalya Abretova, Head of Depository Service Division of Rosbank, was elected to Committee on the interaction with bookrunners and depositories.

Persons that act for the main deponents of NSD, bookrunners, trade organizers, clearing and other organizations are elected to the membership of Committees. Main goals of the Committees are the development of offers on improvement of settlement and depository activity, including new services and products, rate model optimization and risk management and interaction with clients. Rosbank collaborates with NSD participating actively in User Committees. Rosbank initiatives also contribute to further improvement and modernization of infrastructure of Russian securities market.

NSD performs functions of central depository on Russian stock market in accordance with Federal Law №414-FZ “On a central depository”. PJSC Moscow Echange is a majority shareholder (99,997%), other shares are distributed among the leading actors of securities market, every one of which owns one share, including Rosbank. A shareholder agreement, that fixed the special order of the management of NSD to provide equity of majority and minority shareholders, acts for NSD.