Rosbank ensures the business continuity of corporate clients

    14 April

Despite the volatility on financial markets and the non-working days in April, Rosbank continues to serve corporate clients in all the types of operations, offering a full-fledged remote functions to ensure a business continuity.

This month Rosbank conducts lending and teller services, payment processing, including the payments abroad, a currency control and a fund consolidation on accounts on a regular basis.

The credit organization continues to conduct credit applications and documentation, submits necessary certificates, statements and payment documents with the bank visa, and realizes factoring, leasing and trade finance operations.

Rosbank digital solutions for corporate clients work as usual and support the transition of the users of companies-clients on remote work using the Internet-client of the bank and Rosbank Business mobile app. The functional of legal entity service systems is available remotely without any technical restriction. The client support service works in a standard mode.

Rosbank not only supports a running business proactively, but also opens accounts for new corporate clients in the current conditions. They come for service to the bank that offers a full scope of digital services and that enters the Top-3 of the annual rating of the most reliable credit organizations in Russia according to Forbes for the third year in a row.

A stable volume of business in this month shows the demand for Rosbank corporate services. Hence, the demand for lending from Russian and international companies is growing. Being a part of Societe Generale Group and having a wide network of foreign respondents, the bank keeps rendering a multifaceted assistance to the participants of external economic activity. Clients are also placing available liquidity on banking accounts and deposits actively.

“The efficient support of business continuity of corporate clients on federal and regional levels is one of the key priorities of Rosbank in the current difficult conditions. We remain to be a trusted partner, we offer diversified digital solutions and maintain a full-fledged service of Russian and international clients,” - said Alexey Ievlev, Director of Corporate Business Domain of Rosbank.