Rosbank extends the validity of expired cards until June 30

    23 April

We continue improving the level of comfort for our self-isolated clients and take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth use of cards.

It is important for us that you can perform all active operations with your card, even if it expires during the quarantine period. If you have a Rosbank card that already expired or will expire in March, April or May, you can still use it– we have extended its validity until June 30 inclusive.

Individuals can make purchases in online and offline stores, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for housing and utilities, transfer money via ROSBANK Online, and many more. When paying online, you have to specify the expiration date written on the card. Moreover, in ROSBANK Online there is an option to issue a digital card, which is a complete analog of a normal plastic card.

Corporate clients and representatives of small and midcap businesses can also make all necessary non-cash transactions for purchasing goods and services, including online, as well as cash transactions at ATMs. When paying online, you must specify the expiration date written on the card.

Unfortunately, some retail outlets may refuse to make payments with an expired card for the  reasons beyond our control.

We hope that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the measures we have taken will allow you to refrain from visiting Rosbank offices to get reissued cards.

Follow the link to see the working hours, if you need to visit the office.